Customer Support

Welcome to the DarkSky TV customer support page.

We would like to point a few differences in user experience within the platform based on if you are logged in as a member or browsing as a guest. As a member of DarkSky TV you will notice on the main catalog page a Continue Watching and a My Library section, this is based on your viewing and is customised to your experience on the platform, you are also able to comment on videos, and can mark them as watched and add them to your favourites. Unfortunately all these benefits are not available if you are watching as a guest, also you will notice that by clicking on the logo at the top of the page it will re-direct you to the main landing page and takes you out of the library. In order to avoid being re-directed to this page you will need to become a member. 

If you wish to contact us for any issues including the following then please contact us by submitting your request/enquiry to and we will aim to reply within 24 hours.

* Technical issues 

* Account/billing enquiries 

* Content/upload query

* Membership enquiry 

* Errors/faults

* Submission requests

* Profile query

* Reporting inappropriate comments

You can also reach us on this link and make a request on our instagram page.

Thank You.